As a website owner you are constantly looking for a provider that will fulfill all of your needs. You started with a share hosting service but now you are wondering if is time to upgrade to a VPS hosting service. When we compare the two is a matter which one is best for your business.

With a Shared hosting service since you share server resources with others, you’ll face some limitations; our website will not be able to use resources beyond the maximum allowed. As with any shared plan, other websites could possibly affect your website’s performance; however, if your performance demands are limited and you value ease of maintenance, shared hosting will likely yield a higher return on investment. While shared hosting is considered very safe, be aware that security breaches can occur simply because a common server cannot guarantee 100% security. But when we talk about pricing, from a pure price point, shared hosting is the most economical choice and is a great option for those looking to host a site with standard functionality.

On the other hand with VPS hosting, you’ll enjoy greater private disk space and higher overall resource availability. VPS hosting offers better overall performance based on the bandwidth it offers users; also if you have high traffic demands or multiple sites to manage, VPS will be the better option. You can ensure your site’s security with more robust safety features that are only available through VPS hosting. As with any paid service, a more expensive plan offers more premium features and this is the case of VPS hosting which means that it might be a little more expensive than share hosting. As we said before the one for you, is precisely the one the fits all of your needs.

VPS vs Shared Hosting

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