OpenVZ is an operating system-level server technology that’s actually based on the Linux kernel and OS. This particular hosting option provides a physical server that can run various independent OS instances (also known as containers), VPS’s and/or Virtual Environments (VE’s).

Both a pro and a con of OpenVZ is the complete sharing of resources it allows. OpenVZ uses a shared kernel with a layer of virtualization on top of the actual Linux OS. Since this kernel is shared by all VPS users on this node, the kernel is not customizable. Once you have hit your allocated RAM provided to you by the host, the remaining RAM becomes a free-for-all for users on the server. This is not a problem if you run small applications, but you may be in trouble if you are running something more resource intensive. OpenVZ provides the end-user with speed and scalability, and it’s more affordable; is easier to set-up and maintain properly, their templates are beginner friendly among many other benefits.

What is OpenVZ?

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