Since email is a most in businesses today, many web hosting companies include an email address with their hosting plan. At the beginning is a great benefit but later on you will realize that is not as beneficial as it seems. Using a different email hosting service separate from your web hosting plan is a better option.

The reason why separating this services is beneficial is because when your host experiences downtime for example, you will lose access to both your website and email causing you to lose profits. Dedicated email hosting services work hard to ensure you’re not spamming or blacklisted. Another aspect of an exclusive email hosting service is that since the email hosting server doesn’t have to share bandwidth with websites your emails can land in inboxes faster. Web hosting providers focus mostly on hosting, most of their support staff is trained in the hosting side of things. And, if it’s not a service that you’re paying for it might be difficult to get the host to make it a priority if your email goes down. Your host might be exceptional of providing and supporting hosting plans for all of your website needs, but that isn’t enough to make them experts when it comes to email. Email that’s provided by your host usually has fewer features, such as an inbox space, no calendar and subpar spam filters and security.

Why Use An Exclusive Email Hosting Services Instead of The One Offer by Your Web Hosting Provider?

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